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A Report of the Staff Orientation held on 5th May 2012

A Report of the Staff Orientation held on 5th May 2012

“Every Day in every way, I get better and better”. This is what our Principal Mrs. Shantha Maria James tried to convey during the Staff orientation conducted on the 5th of May. She reminded that as teachers, we do a lot of things each day. But at times we need to refresh and rejenuvate ourselves so that our work becomes more meaningful.

The meeting started with a prayer song and an introduction by the new staff members. Duties of the class teacher / subject teacherwas the topic on which our Principal spoke at length. She harped on various points like regular attendance to be taken, mark L for leave application submitted and ML for medical leave submitted, submission of attendance register, long absentees letterand leave applications.

Class room is the place where students spend most of their time. The Principal added that classroom arrangement has to be checked, meaningful charts to be displayed in class, cleanliness to be maintained, appointing monitors in class and changing monitors every 2 months. Scheduled dates of important events in that academic year 2012 -2013 was given by the Vice Principal. Mr. Vineet, Supervisor of the senior wing spoke in detail the important areas to be looked into during that PTA meeting to be held on 7th and 9th of May 2012.

Details of staff fund were given by the Vice Principal. Finally, sports day, most important event of the year was discussed. Teachers were asked to sit wing wise and discuss the various items to be put up during the sports day and give their suggestions. The respective supervisors of each wing gave a brief report of their discussions. The teachers were recharged and zestful to embark on their duties with the motivation given by the Principal and her team.

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