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Indian Central School Organized Cooking Competition

Indian Central School Organized Cooking Competition

The cooking contest for Grade XII was indeed a magnificent event of the year at Indian Central School on 10th May 2012. The competition was a great success to satisfy the desires of everyone’s taste buds. The cut throat competition was between the four sections of Grade XII. The students made incredibly delicious and complementary starters, mouth- watering main course and tremendously flavourful desserts. The competition was a platform to exhibit the hidden culinary skills of students. With the ongoing trend of catching the fancy for fast food with the younger generation, healthy &traditional preparations made a great come back again at Indian Central School. The students prepared multi – cuisines right from Indian, Chinese, Arabic, Mexican, etc. All the four sections did their best trying for the top position at the contest. Chicken –cooked in a saffron coconut stew, shrimps biryani, Chicken tikka, chicken lollipops, spaghetti fingers, with just the right crispness, chicken kababs laced with lemons, chicken biryani, chocolate tarts, caramel custard and yummy pastries filled in with glossy chocolate icing were some of the dishes prepared by students – Chef. The food items were a feast to the eye and treat to the mouth. The Principal and the Vice Principal were the judges. They judged the food on its appearance, taste, creativity, difficulty level and presentation. Class XII B emerged as the overall winner. All together it was a lively programme.


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