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The Robotic demonstration by Technophilia, Robotic specialists from India, for the first time in Kuwait gave a mesmerizing opportunity for the students aged between 13 - 18 to learn Robotics live in action! Hiral Sanghavi and Naitik Trivedi of Technophilia, from Mumbai conducted the robotic workshop at Gulf University of Science & Technology on 5th and 6th May 2011. Mumbai based Technophilia systems is the National leader in Robotic Educations.

Four students from class 10th of Indian Central School attended the workshop and built their first robot. Starting from the history of the robots, when the word ‘robot’ came into existence from the Czech word ‘robota’ in the early 1920’s, the workshop showed the present day robots in different fields. It was a mind refreshing workshop as it revised all the basic principles of physics based on which the working of the robot is explained. The electronics involved in the system was also taught, in advance to the school syllabus. The workshop brought the student out of the imaginary cartoon robots and introduced the real robot technology live. Their first robot, though small one, gave them a basic idea of the technology yet under development. The robot has a small cubical body or chasis with a partition in the mid separating the upper and bottom part of the robot, upper area holds the motherboard and the bottom area hold the batteries and motors in place. Two large wheels mounted to the motors helps it to move around. And two sensors adds to its artificial intelligence, and two flat plates cover and protect the whole system of the robot, and two supporting wheels are attached to the bottom cover to maintain the balance. The robot has 9 behaviours – obstacle avoider, obstacle follower, photophobic, phototrophic, fire fighter, line follower, wall follower, sound controlled robot & mobile phone controlled robot.

The short robotics workshop has exposed a whole new world of technology to the junior-einstein minds and given the power to decide the future of this techonology.

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