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CBSE (International) Staff Training Programme

Indian Central School conducted an In- service training programme named “Destination Success” on equipping its teachers with better Educational Technologies. The training a four-day session from 11th Sept, 2011 – 14th Sept , 2011 was handled by resource personalities Mrs. Veena, Mrs Mridulla and Mr. Pradhan from S.Chand Harcourt, India. The programme aimed at making the classrooms more interactive and student friendly.

The workshop commenced with a welcome speech by the Principal, Mrs. Shanta Maria James. She elaborated the gathering on the need for bridging between the teaching- learning process. Mrs. Veena, the trainer started the workshop with an introspective session where the teachers had to analyse themselves. The session highlighted the common trait of losing the temper at certain stage of their teaching process at the same time it also brought to the limelight that everyone was passionate about their profession and wanted to change such behavior.

Mrs. Veena introduced the content Portal of Destination Success and briefed the teacher as that it would help them to build up their knowledge with upgraded technologies. She also stressed that it would give them an opportunity to blend the traditional teaching with cutting edge technological tools and solutions. It would also empower them to deliver and provide their students with improved learning process for the acquisition of knowledge. 

The enthusiastic and vibrant teachers attended the Day-2 session with a lot of vigour and zeal. The trainers divided the teacher trainees into subject-groups to give them hands on experience in navigating into the Content Portal so that it may enable them to use it effectively and efficiently in collaborating the hi-tech technologies into their regular day-to- day- curriculum. During the session the trainers Mrs. Veena and Mrs. Mridulla in their respective groups explained the need for audio-visual communication and the importance of multiple- intelligence and how the Portal caters to supplement the teacher with resources to teach the students with multiple- intelligence. 

The teachers explored the portal individually, under the guidance of their respective trainers. They were also given instructional manual to equip themselves to search and access information on various topics. The portal also has worksheets and activities for the students to work on and develop their skills to assess their knowledge in the respective subject. 

The third day was awaited impatiently by the teachers as it was day to explore the Content Portal, access information and present a presentation on any topic using the Content Portal and smart boards. Each teacher was given a chance to teach individually using interactive devices. The workshop came to an end with the selection of master trainers who in turn would give training to the teachers in their respective faculty groups to empower them in utilizing Destination Success in their daily teaching process, preparation of lesson plans, mapping the resources etc. The trainers bid adieu to the teachers with a positive note that Destination Success will take the school and its students on a higher level of education.


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