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 PTM will be held on 21st January 2018 (Sunday) from 05.30 p.m. to 07:30 p.m. ADMISSION FOR THE YEAR 2018 -2019 STARTED CLASSES LKG TO IX AND STD XI.
Indian Central School Conducts a Motivating Session by Dr. Salman Khan

Indian Central School Conducts a Motivating Session by Dr. Salman Khan 

The students of Class XI & XII (Bio Stream) of Indian Central School had an enriching experience with Dr. Salman Khan who inspired them with his own life experience as to how he became successful after choosing Biological Sciences as his career path. He gave an insight into the various opportunities awaiting Bio-students and the vast scope in Biological Sciences. He provided students with systematic knowledge in technological aspects in the form of Videos, slides, sound clips etc. and made them acquainted with scientific process. His great experience in diabetes research helped students to understand the various problems concerning diabetes and its curative methods. He emphasized on the Biotechnological approach of gene therapy, genetic engineering to produce recombinant insulin and another unique strategy based on Angiogenesis; which is the growth of blood research due to certain factors produced by tumour cells. The research using mouse models proved that starving the tumour cells by depriving nutrients from blood could kill cancer cells. By successfully cloning a useful gene, it was found that its product could inhibit the growth of blood vessels towards tumour cells. This most informative and constructive session came to an end with the thought provoking and interactive session.
Finally we thank our dear Principal Mrs. Shantha Maria James who is always enthusiastic in providing us such intellectual people to enhance our learning and outlook towards the changing world.


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