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Indian Central School being the first to commence the CBSE- (i)  Std IX curriculum  among the 25 schools in the world was visited by the team from Delhi Mr. Vineet Joshi,  IAS, Chairman-Innovative Project and Research, Dr. Sadhana Parashar, Head - Innovation and Research and Dr. Srijata Das, Education Officer (Science and Maths). The Chairman, Mr. Vineet Joshi had a lively interactive session with the students and the teachers. On being asked about being an engineer in future, many students enthusiastically mentioned their ambition and the steps taken in fulfilling their dream. With the questions being shot vice- versa the session became frothing with wonderful ideas. When asked about the challenges especially learning without books, the Principal Mrs. Shantha Maria James said that the students have adapted and are comfortable without books as it has helped them to explore a wider horizon of educational spectrum.


Though doctors and engineers have been an all time favourite ambitions of the students, there were few others who wanted to make a different mark of theirs in the professional arena. Teachers teaching the curriculum were all praise for the new pedagogy but expressed their limitations to go beyond the line of control because of less number of working days in the country. Subjects like Economics, English, History are like ocean which can never be acquired enough but the children are able to swim into the current of knowledge through the facility of internet provided by the school.


The need for uploading the resource materials like worksheets, power point presentation in CBSE- (i) portal related to historical aspects of Kuwait and other subjects was stressed by Dr. Sadhana as it would help teachers of other countries to have an access to it. The presentation made by the children should be rotated in a special committee of students who would provide a better appraisal of it. Talking about Maths elective, Dr. Sadhana said that the topics with higher content are incorporated in the present IX syllabus so as to help them take Maths in Std XI.


Mr. Vineet Joshi, the Chairman asked about the availability of internet facility for answering the PAT (Performance Aptitude Test). To this the students gave a positive feedback and said that they had interlinked themselves into a group on the net so that they could share information with each other. It was suggested to involve the teachers also into their group as members for preventing the misuse of the facilities. Dr. Srijata Das asked about the topics covered under perspectives. The Principal suggested that the teachers are looking into the matter as it is still under discussion due to a late start of the curriculum in the school.


The Chairman said that the books will not be available for the first three years but suggested that worksheets and other resource materials collected can be compiled into a book, if needed. He also said, “that the CBSE – (i) is going to expand itself by giving affiliation to 50 schools in India. The students who would like to shift their education from abroad to their native in India or anywhere else need not worry as the certificate issued by the CBSE- (i) is valid and at the same time the topics covered by others are also covered in CBSE – (i) but it is just the methodology of teaching that differs. He also stated that the PAT is common for all the CBSE – (i) students. “It is a learning for the lifetime not just mugging up, said Dr. Sadhana. The team along with the Principal visited the classrooms and the Innovative Centre and were quite pleased and appreciated the school and the Management for providing excellent facilities and infrastructure thereby giving all the students enough opportunity to explore and meet the objective of CBSE-(i) international curriculum.

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