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II nd Pre - Board Examination starts from 03rd February, 2019/ Final Examination for Grade VIII, IX, XI starts from 03rd February, 2019  
LOWER PRIMARY WING- Report of “Bringing Community into Classroom” 2014

 “Bringing Community into Classroom” 


Report of “Bringing Community into Classroom”

Lower Primary Wing celebrated the programme “Bringing Community into Classroom”, to create awareness in students about maintaining healthy relationship with others. As the part of the programme, the teachers from the organization,‘Inclusion-Children who need special care’,visited the classes I &II. They spoke to the students about how to mingle with their classmates. The teachers presented a video which focus on the importance of moral values in children. Children took an oath that they would be friendly and helpful to each other. Lower Primary Wing extends our sincere thanks to our respected Principal, for arranging this special programme in our school.

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