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New Session LKG (2017-18 )–Uniform and Book Distribution on 19th March 2017, Sunday .Opening date 2nd April 2017 Sunday. SummerVacation for LKG begins on 31st May 2017.Wed.  
Mentors meeting 2014-2015

 Mentors meeting 


Indian Central School: With the motif of bringing the students stress free and also to help them to cope with the problems of their life in school and outside the principal Mrs. Santha Maria James had envisaged Mentors programme during the last academic year. As the continuation of the program, the selected teachers of the school as mentors had their first meeting of this scholastic year on 9/5/14 in which the vice principal and the programme co-ordinators along with the meteor’s caption explained the duties of the teachers and they had their first meeting with the mentees. It was really a good experience both for the students and the mentor teachers and boon for the students to ease themselves from their worries.


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