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New Session LKG (2017-18 )–Uniform and Book Distribution on 19th March 2017, Sunday .Opening date 2nd April 2017 Sunday. SummerVacation for LKG begins on 31st May 2017.Wed.  



Indian Central School: After the final examinations in March ICS conducted a talent hunt to boom the hidden talents in the students from 18/3/14 to 1/4/14. The pursuit on skill development was focused on Sports, Computer Skills, Public Speaking, Art and Craft, Music and Dance, and Tiny Tots. In sports the students had a relishing time learning new sports like cricket, football, chess and badminton and developing essential qualities like team spirit and sportsmanship. Computer skill and helped them to inculcate new practical knowledge related computer programs and Public Speaking gave them opportunity to learn to speak in public without hesitation and developing good vocabulary. In Art and Craft the children had a creative time indulging into the beauty of colours, paints, creating beautiful scenario and craft styles. Music and Dance were a veritable experience for the students in the world of sound and steps. Finally the Tiny Tots of our school had fun with each other not only in developing interaction and language capacity but also induced lots of fun in them.

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