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This is to inform you that the classes for XI will start on 30th April 2017, Sunday and the book distribution will start on 25th April, 2017, Tuesday This is to inform you that 27th April, Thursday will be a holiday for school and office due to Isra and Mehraj Holiday.
ICS sweeping victory in Hadees Competition

 ICS  sweeping victory in Hadees Competition


Indian Central School did a commencing performance, winning eight prizes altogether, in the Hadees Competition, conducted by the Kuwait Ministry of Education. The first prize winners are 
1. Omer Mohammed II N 
2. Omer Mohammed Nawas VII G 
3. Amina II J, Shaziya Haris VI G 
And the second prize winners are 
1. Amer Abdul Azeer I G 
2. Afrah Ashraf VIII D 
3. Ali Simak VIII D 
4. Fahad VI G respectively . 

It was a fabulous opportunity for the students to prove their excellence in Hadees. The principal Mrs. Shanta Maria James appreciated the students who won the Prize and the teachers - Mustafa Alpaz, Hamdi Farq, Rasheela Harees, Jameelunnissa, who trained the students.


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