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II nd Pre - Board Examination starts from 03rd February, 2019/ Final Examination for Grade VIII, IX, XI starts from 03rd February, 2019  
ICS sweeping victory in Hadees Competition

 ICS  sweeping victory in Hadees Competition


Indian Central School did a commencing performance, winning eight prizes altogether, in the Hadees Competition, conducted by the Kuwait Ministry of Education. The first prize winners are 
1. Omer Mohammed II N 
2. Omer Mohammed Nawas VII G 
3. Amina II J, Shaziya Haris VI G 
And the second prize winners are 
1. Amer Abdul Azeer I G 
2. Afrah Ashraf VIII D 
3. Ali Simak VIII D 
4. Fahad VI G respectively . 

It was a fabulous opportunity for the students to prove their excellence in Hadees. The principal Mrs. Shanta Maria James appreciated the students who won the Prize and the teachers - Mustafa Alpaz, Hamdi Farq, Rasheela Harees, Jameelunnissa, who trained the students.


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