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II nd Pre - Board Examination starts from 03rd February, 2019/ Final Examination for Grade VIII, IX, XI starts from 03rd February, 2019  
Workshop on ‘Child Centered Learning’

A Workshop on ‘Child Centered Learning’ by Dr. Harish Chaudary

On 19th December, Indian Central School had the privilege to have a workshop on ‘Child Centered Learning’ by the eminent orator Dr. Harish Chaudary from India. He emphasized the need of Inculcating Values in Students to build a promising generation tomorrow. He was on the view that to make teaching effective by making the interesting from the student’s point of view. Teachers need to be firm and respectful and at the same time be patient in the class. To incorporate student’s involvement in teaching teachers need to be co-learners with the students and they need to be good listeners more over they need to believe in students and give due respect even in situations where disagreements occur. In child centered learning what teachers need to do is to create a love of learning in students i.e. to create an instinctive interest to learning in them by giving them opportunity to learn by playing, by being inquisitive, and through discovery, with concentration and pure enjoyment. According to him this in turn will bring the optimal development of a child\'s personality and competencies in line with his/her individual needs and requirements. Our principal Mrs. Shantha Mariya James thanked Dr. Harish Choudhary for spending his valuable time in sharing his vast knowledge with the teachers of ICS.