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Business Studies project 2013 - A Visit to LU & LU Hypermarket

 Indian Central School students of  Grade 12 visited Lu & Lu Hypermarket on 30th and 31st October 2013, as a part of the yearly Business Studies’ project. The students were given the opportunity to examine the products at the hypermarket and collect information through observation. The student’s queries regarding the products were clarified by the staff present there and they also interviewed customers to get a broader perspective about the products. The students said that they were all delighted after the visit as it was their first time they visited the mall with their classmates from the point of view of a project and not for helping their parents with groceries. They were treated by the employees as students and not as customers which gave them a privilege to get a clear overview of their objectives. All in all it was a different and memorable experience which was less than a picnic and more than a field trip. The students were thankful to the Ms. Shanta Maria James, the Principal for organizing the educational trip. The students thanked their Business studies Facilitator for all the guidance towards this project. Indian Central School is grateful to the management and staff of Lu & Lu hypermarket for their support in creating opportunities for young minds.

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