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Injaz Kuwait company program is an NGO which enjoys wide popularity among high school students in Kuwait. The company program provides students with unprecedented opportunity of establishing and running a real company. For two hours a week , corporate volunteers guide students through the skills needed to develop a business idea , conduct feasibility studies , sell stocks , work as management team , devise business plan , produce and sell products and liquidate the company with balance sheets and profit and loss accounts.

The participants of this program were students from all over Kuwait. The majority were arab university students and some other schools. But the fact was our school was the only Indian School participated. At this point we would like to thank our principal to promote us for such program. Students from different educational institutions formed groups and established companies. Out of all these companies 12 companies were chosen for finals. One among these companies were FORTUNERS’13.Fortuners’13 was a company formed by students of class 12th (ICS) which aimed at providing females approach towards the fashion world keeping tradition alive. Its mission was ‘TO PROVIDE TRENDY FASHION WITH A TOUCH OF TRADITIONAL GLAMOUR’. The products

produced by Fortuners’13 were scarves , hair bows , hijab and hijab pins. Fortuners’13 had a President , deputy President and 6 department VP’s. the time period given to the company was 3 months with initial capital as 280KD which was collected by issuing shares. Within a month the company made more then 250 scarves and hijabs, 100 bows , 60-80 hijab pins which were all Handmade and had special attractive features which attracted the customers and sales began. For better approach of customers the company arranged different stalls at different times and places – Sometimes school auditorium and sometimes marina mall. At the end of three months the company made profit more then 300KD which was distributed as salary among the team members. The company went through many hurdles like coordination and cooperation among team members but was still able to achieve its goals. Finally , on 1st june the company was decided to  wind up. The company started preparing its company’s reports and presentations.

The problem a raised when the company’s most crucial part was to be performed , unfortunately the student had their exam those days but still some of the members did not give up and coordinated and sacrificed a lot of time for their companies apart from studies.

Finally , 8th june was the date on which the final result was to be announced. Other than Fortuners’13 there were 11 more companies. All the companies had to pass 3 stages. The first stage was that the company reports were submitted by the company which were marked out of 50 ie: 50% of the competition. The second stage was that all the judges would come to the company stall and ask questions regarding the company which the members had to answer correctly. After that ,the company had to pass rapid fire round ie: speaking about the company for one minute constantly in front of the camera which was also passed. At last the final stage , each company had to present themselves on the stage with company presentation. After presenting the presentation the judges asked brain storming questions which the company answered and finally the breath taking moment a raised. The RESULTS!! It was announced that among 12 companies FORTUNERS’13 was the third. That was the most happiest moment. Fortuners’13 also received a cheque of KD 1000 as the winning prize which was distributed among the members equally. The judges really appreciated the hard work of the team. Thus it was a proud moment for the school to be third among so many arab institutes.


FORTUNERS’13 with heart full of Love and joy thanked  Injaz for providing such an opportunity , the school ICS , our principal Mrs.Shanta Maria James , volunteer Mr.Jitendra Das , Teacher Incharge Mrs.Vinitha Ramesh  who at every moment helped and advised them about how to achieve their goal.



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