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Indian Ambassador to Kuwait congratulates Mrs. Shantha Maria James

Ambassador of India to Kuwait congratulates the

 National Awardee


The Indian Central School Principal, Mrs. Shantha Maria James, National Award winner for the Best Teacher by the Government of India  was congratulated by H.E Mr.Satish C Mehta  the Indian Ambassador for Kuwait at the Indian Embassy on the 22nd of September,2013.

The ambassador congratulated the Principal on achieving this very prestigious National Award from the President of India.  Mr. Satish C Mehta stated that the Principal deserved the award as she has always been a leader leading from the front in Education and in social developments at all times. He added that the Indian community in Kuwait is proud to have a person like the Principal in this respected nation.

The Ambassador expressed that all the Indians abroad should be motivated by this award and should try to achieve recognitions like this in their respected working environment.  Teachers are the craftsman of the society and they mould the society to greater heights that leads the nation to grow and valuable teacher like Ms. Shantha Maria James should carry on their mission to spread their services and thoughts for the community to grow. The great message from the Ambassador inspired the Principal and she shared that it is her passion to work for the society and being the President of Indian Frontliners in Kuwait gives her ample opportunity to enjoy and continue with her noble goal to help the society to grow in Kuwait too. The principal thanked the Indian Ambassador for the noble gesture of congratulating her and also inspiring her to move more dedicatedly towards her goals.   

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