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Republic Day Report Upper Middle Wing

               Upper Middle Wing

One more republic day has arrived to enkindle the sparks of patriotic fervor in our hearts, to revivify the thoughts of our glorious history, rich culture and heritage, to pay homage and honors to our heroes who made selfless sacrifices to the nation and to renew our pledge to protect and cherish our motherland. It also gives us a chance to commemorate our motherland’s total sovereignty and republic status. Envisaging the points mentioned ‘Upper middle wing’ organized a special assembly on 30th January with variant programs brimmed with patriotic feeling. The love of the children for their country was exposed through their speeches, dances, and patriotic songs. The Arabic department resorted to this opportunity to uphold the message of Prophet Muhammad on behalf of his birth day. On this occasion the supervisor Mr Granty’s message also focused on the need of cultivating a patriotic culture in the younger minds to uphold the cherished history of our country India ‘the land where culture echoes, traditions speak, beauty enthralls and diversity delights’. The program came to an end with national anthem.

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