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A report on the seminar conducted by Dr. Avinash for middle wing teachers


A report on the seminar conducted by Dr. Avinash for middle wing teachers

As the trend varies both in method of teaching and the behavioral changes in the students, teaching is becoming more and more a challenging profession now a days. Since tackling these problems is not an easy task it becomes a matter of concern for the teachers. To give individual care for the students in the limited period of time and bringing forth those who drag behind with problems like - lack of self-esteem, personality perversions like bulling, shyness, stealing, laziness …… it is a challenge for the teachers. 2013 February  3rd will be a day of importance for the middle wing as it is the day on which renowned  Indian child expert DR. Avinash De, Susa explored through the current challenges in the teaching field of the late childhood and early adolescence i.e. the category which the middle wing teachers of our school take up.  Doctor’s workshop was really a boon as it created awareness among the teachers to deal with these age grope in the changing circumstances. They could also clarify their doubts regarding the problem children in their respective classes and in general also. Heart brimmed thanks to the respected principal for arranging such a wonderful class for the benefit of the teachers.

Teacher should be a leaner, who learns pre-hand to the students. If a little knowledge is to be imparted, a vast knowledge should be acquired by the teachers. If the targeted knowledge is connected with day to day life it becomes a habit in the students that is what teachers should try. Teach through practical application and make the students feel they are also the part of the teaching that makes teaching an interesting activity.