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Ramadan Timing: For Teachers 08:45 am to 01:15 pm & For Students 09:00 am to 01:00 pm    |    I st Mid-Term Examination starts from 23.05.2019    |    Admissions for the academic year 2019-2020 are open. Admission files will be available in the reception from 01.11.2018. Only limited seats are available.
Chairman's Message

Talal Al-Jeri

For 20 years the Indian Central School has proven it is not an ordinary school. The growth of its student population from 240 to 5300 students and the ability of the students to meet life challenges rate ICS as world class school. We forces the need for education that wins the English language which is the medium of teaching. Since 1994 to till date, Improvement and extensions continues to maintain an environment that allows students to thrive.

The school serves both the local and the international communities by educating children from many nations. The Indian Central School has an enviable academic records and it is outstanding in the region. The school achieves its mission through a combination of academic and extra-curricular activities. High expectations, resilience, optimism are the tangibles present at ICS and which have become a symbol of educational excellence both at home and abroad.

We want to empower our students with the essential knowledge, understanding and skill necessary for making rational and intelligent decisions. We understand that our children are our greatest asset. This is why we are dedicated to educate the children who will be our future leaders.

With the support of our Principal, Supervisors, Teachers, Parents, Students and every single member at ICS we made it to this day. Thank you all for your hard work.