Indian Central School is proud to be the first to commence CBSE (International) curriculum in Classes I and IX from the year 2010 among the 25 schools world-wide. Now, we have CBSE(i) curriculum for Classes LKG to X. This learner-centric curriculum initiated by Central Board of Secondary Education, is a progressive step in making the education and methodology suit to the global needs. The curriculum focuses on providing an independent learning process in harmony with the existing personal, social and cultural ethos.

The main objective of the curriculum is to nurture the independence of the learners. One has to understand, appreciate, build on values and beliefs, make necessary improvisation and maintain a balance between traditional knowledge and new technological thoughts. It aims to provide critical and creative thinking skills, effective communication skills, interpersonal and collaborative skills. The learner is evaluated through Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system.

In order to meet the above objectives and aims, the Management has facilitated the school with an excellent multi - storeyed centralized air-conditioned building having excellent infra-structural facilities like model hi-tech classrooms equipped with smart boards, LCD, internet facility, individual lockers and modern furniture. It also has a stateof- the-art Computer Laboratory with over 20 new generation computers. The curriculum gives space to go beyond and explore knowledge through activities, worksheets, powerpoint presentation, seminars, exhibitions, self-study, meditation and health awareness. Subjects dealt are English, Hindi / French, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Spoken Arabic, Visual Arts (Sculpture / Art / Craft), Performing Arts (Dance / Music /Drama), Computer Science, Life Skills Education etc. Tele-conferencing by Principal from her desk on daily basis updates the school to go in par with the globe. Every subject teacher having access to CBSE-I portal in web adds to their expertise.

PAT (Performance Analysis Test), OTBA (Open Text Book Assignment), PSA (Problem Solving Assessment), ASL (Assessment of Speaking and Listening) are the latest inclusions of CBSE Curriculum which are held in the school meticulously. The school is the Centre for AISCE CBSE-(i) exam for the past four year.

Admissions open for class LKG to IX CBSE International curriculum.