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New Session LKG (2017-18 )–Uniform and Book Distribution on 19th March 2017, Sunday .Opening date 2nd April 2017 Sunday. SummerVacation for LKG begins on 31st May 2017.Wed.  
THE FESTIVAL OF ONAM - Jeslyn James, Std V - L

The people of God'S own country a waits,
With hope and Joy in their hearts Golden plates
Frompatalatheirking mahabali visit,
Each one ‘s heart with Excitement lists

In king mahabali‘s rule,
Washidden the Bitterness of pain
a heart of gold was his only tool,
His people enjoyedprosperity in his reign

A Delicious feast on banana leaves is served,
Laughter, Songs and Excitement is heard
Her beautifulDaughters dance in perfect hue,
Presenting to all a spectacular view

Kerala prepares herself for the King's visit,
Wearing new dress her children happily sit
On her shimmering silky revers snake boat race,
Colorful pookalams beautify her face.

With glowing faces to celebrate Onam,
All wait for the month Chingam
With cultural elements her children binds,
Sowing seed of brotherhood and love in their minds.


Written by

Jeslyn James
Std V - L