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II nd Pre - Board Examination starts from 03rd February, 2019/ Final Examination for Grade VIII, IX, XI starts from 03rd February, 2019  
ONAM - Akhil Binu Koshy, Std VIII - D

Onam, the National festival celebrated in South India is a mixture of lovely fragrance of flowers and variety of tastes.The day starts with the preparation of “ATTHA POOKKALAM”[artistical arrangement of flowers generally on the floor] accompanied with typical Onam songs called "POOVILI".

The concept of Onam is that King Mahabali visits his people on this day. New dresses are bought for everyone as part of the Onam celebration. It is the 10th day of Atham[a month in malayalam] that we celebrate THIRU ONAM. It is a public holiday so thatall the relatives can gather together to celebrate the festival alltogether. In fact, Onam is the festival of unity. Onasadya[which is a splendid delicious veg fooding including a variety of tasty payasams{kheer}] is the most attractive and unavoidable part of the festival [it is generally served on banana leaf]. Girls and ladies will conduct dances like THIRUVADIRA wearing the so called ONAKKODI [onam dress, long skirt, saree, etc.]. Typical songs are sung. Men wear dhothies, kurta, shirts, etc. and will conduct several dramas/plays reminding the life of Mahabali. They also conduct boat races and few traditional games. In some houses they will put swings outside their houses on a strong tree branch. In short, it is the togetherness, love, happiness and unity.

CONCLUSION:The festival reminds us of the good old days during the rule of King Mahabali which announces the kindness of humanity, lacking lies, betrayal and fake talks.


Written by

Akhil Binu Koshy