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This is to inform you that the classes for XI will start on 30th April 2017, Sunday and the book distribution will start on 25th April, 2017, Tuesday This is to inform you that 27th April, Thursday will be a holiday for school and office due to Isra and Mehraj Holiday.
The Importance of Sports in our Life - Faheem Ibn Habib, Std IX - B

Sportsplay an important role in our life .We is able to refresh ourselves and also become active. It is a form of exercise and keeps our body fit and healthy. If we are able to play sports like cricket, football, daily, we will eventually become stronger and fitter . Indeed it is necessary to play sports daily for at least half an hour. It is said, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". And it is indeed true. If we work or studyonly, we will become stressed and our quality of work will decrease. If we are students, we should not study for long periods. We should take breaks in between works.

I am going to make the topic clear by giving real life examples. When I was a kid, I used to study a lot. I used to get good marks. I was away from sports and entertainment. Naturally, I used to get stressed but still continued my way of life. Then one day, I suddenly started playing cricket. I became passionate about cricket and started loving it. From then on, I used to play cricket,every day, after completing my studies.I noticed my grades improving, instead of going down. Then I understood that cricket had cut my boredom and stress. I started playing cricket with more interest. I started improving in it. But I didn't forget my studies either. I still put great concentration in my studies. Life was fun then. I enjoyed both and it was good. I learned many aspects of life from it. It taught me about team work, discipline, determination, failure,success etc. I learned to be patient when I was a failure. I started to learn from my mistakes.

I want to convey the message that not only cricket but any other games and sports can teach us about life, if we play it properly with great concentration. We should also take care of other necessary things of life and learn the most out of sports for life.


Written by

Faheem Ibn Habib
IX - B