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II nd Pre - Board Examination starts from 03rd February, 2019/ Final Examination for Grade VIII, IX, XI starts from 03rd February, 2019  
"And you thought dragons didn’t exist..." - Tannaz Haider, Std X - C

I opened my eyes as soon as the first rays of the sun hit my eyes. In a flash, I was awake, going through the morning rituals and breakfast like a stampede of horses. After a quick kiss to my mother and I was out of my cottage, running to the forest that happened to be my backyard.

The smell of fresh air filled my lungs as I rushed to the heart of the forest. Stopping suddenly, I took a breather as I calmed my heart. A few minutes of blissful silence later, I looked up to find my friend watching me with intense eyes.

I wasn’t afraid; Coral might’ve been a dragon, but he wasn’t a dangerous one. Hmm, a dragon in the Dragon Breath forest… Ironic, isn’t it?

I winked at him and hugged his huge neck, my arms barely going around it. Something like a purr resonated in the forest as I patted the top of his head. Electrifying eyes watched every movement as I danced my fingers across his leathery back. He was a rare Spitfire dragon, barely a year old.

I had found him right when he had been an egg, hatching just as I planned to make the world’s largest omelette. He had a pair of glowing blue eyes, the darkest black coat with a sheen of blue and white at the tips of his tail, wings and claws.

Smiling at Coral, I jumped onto his back and steadied myself. A whistle soon followed and as it left my lips, I was already in the air.

The rush, the thrill! I could hear the air whistling in my ears as Coral zoomed through the pine trees of the forest. Laughter bubbled up my throat as he chased behind an eagle, much smaller than the ferocious predator behind it. I patted him and he left the poor bird, opting to go higher into the sky.

I felt a moisture touch on my face as he glided through the clouds. I could almost kiss the sweet fluffs of heaven. Instead, I stared through the clouds at my village, a small community amongst the hills and the mountains.

I made out a few villages, early and up in the morning. They all knew about Coral but they were rather happy to have him than run behind him with pitchforks and torch fires.

Coral swerved towards the left, taking a u-turn and flying back to his haven, a small clearing in the forest, the path of which only I knew.

He slowed down and I thought he had stopped, if it wasn’t for the slight breeze. Coral was my best friend; he was the only one who knew my heart and soul thoroughly. I guess my wish to fly was really obvious.

I stretched on his back, my hand drifting lazily through the clouds. The morning sun glared in my face, as if glaring at the fun my friend and I were having.

I smiled and deep down below, I imagined Coral smiling back at me. It was beautiful.


Written by

Tannaz Haider
X - C