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II nd Pre - Board Examination starts from 03rd February, 2019/ Final Examination for Grade VIII, IX, XI starts from 03rd February, 2019  
My characteristic traits - Archana Koshy,XII-B.
My tiny hands cupped my mother’s .Being a four year old, I was panting to keep up with her. I was very excited to explore the new environment that I was put into, with many unfamiliar faces who to my utter confusion were crying!!A tall lady with plaited hair and a sari took my hand from my mother’s. a waited there a while ,hesitant to go unsure of  how I will cope up with the situation. Unfortunately the scenes I saw on looking around made me imagine horrible things about the room I was in n then soon I too was in tears. This was my experience about the first day in school….Now I have grown and matured in to a full grown tree with many fruits as virtues.

I am Archana koshy, one among the many seeds that the school has nourished and watered through the love and care of its teachers. Mrs.Merina George,my kindergarten teacher,aided me in walking my initial few steps and then before I knew it, I was going to leave my school, my second home.
This institution together with the journey I ve had for the past 14 years has influenced me in various areas of my life.In fact my entire character was crafted and moulded during my voyage in the school by some very memorable personalities in my life.I jumped from kindergarten to junior school and then from junior school to middle school ,in which I went through a series of transitions.The ambience in my school proved just right and helped me to cross these speedbreakers in my life and quickly,I was traveling the most rocky road,senior school.
To be a teenager and not be rebellious was a successful personality development in itself. My school and my friends have played a very unique and irreplaceable role in making me into what I am today. Being in my shaky teens,I was taught maturity ,the ability to recognize opportunities when it came along and to shut the eyes to destroying offers. Certain inbuilt traits in me were also fished out and crafted beautifully, for instance  my oratory and writing skills were marvelously chiseled and shaped by my teachers for which I cannot thank them enough. A calm, forgiving and humble nature was instilled in me from the intial phases itself.

The sole credit to who I am and what I am today can undoubtedly be gifted to my school,which provided a platform ,my teachers ,the lamps in all areas of my life and of course The Almighty.

In 2 words I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you,my school


Written by
Archana Koshy