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During Ramadan, 27th May 2017 onwards the School and office timing will be 8.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. This is to inform you that due to new building construction, our school office will not be operating in the evening  
SUMMER RAIN - Devika Nandakumar, IX-B

During a very hot summer,
When the sun becomes brighter and brighter
Where there is not even a single drop of water
I walk by
Under the hot sky
With a wish of little rain
I feel insane
I fell on my knees
And thought why,
Why not some rain for a while.
The moment I thought,
The moment the rain drops dropped.
I jumped in happiness
To taste the rain drop's sweetness.
I see children running and playing
I see people dancing and singing
I joined with them
To do the same
But something was missing
I could not feel or hear the rain drops falling.
Then I hear someone say "wake up"
And when I opened my eyes
I realized that it was just a dream
And it was the same old place with hot and dry frame
What I heard
Was an old man's voice
Who helped me to wake
When faintedI was.


Written by
Devika Nandakumar