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II nd Pre - Board Examination starts from 03rd February, 2019/ Final Examination for Grade VIII, IX, XI starts from 03rd February, 2019  
How to utilize your free time - Sneha Ernest, VII-D

Success relays on working hard. The way you work hard is the way you succeed and the way you succeed is the way you get your benefits. Your benefits will become your character, your character will become your appearance and your appearance will become your DESTINY. The only way to achieve success is to watch each and every step you take in your life. If we watch and secure our step it will turn into a complete life with nothing to be worried. Children, who are now in a condition of being destroyed in an unknown path, are blinded to this truth which later leads to destruction. To change their future in just a glance is to ENCOURAGE and COMMUNICATE with one another, telling them that it is just for a moment like this to enjoy (free will) and do whatever they want to do. But when the time is near realization and repentance will take place but still lost is lost. It is time to mourn and grind our teeth in distress and ask to ourselves ‘Why not now?’ That is why it is said ‘WATCH YOUR ATTITUDE’ you’re wasting time to show a good character. As Mahatma Gandhi said‘‘BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TOSEE IN THE WORLD’ and everything will fall in place. Then you can change the world in just a glance. But there are many answers for the question ‘How to achieve success?’ I cannot write them in a piece of paper because the word ‘SUCCESS’ has many question and millions of answers as they have no boundaries and no limits. But I am sure that everyone can think of a answer because I practice what I preach. Encouraging everyone to think of an answer and practice what they preach.


Written by
Sneha Ernest