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II nd Pre - Board Examination starts from 03rd February, 2019/ Final Examination for Grade VIII, IX, XI starts from 03rd February, 2019  

A big hello to the readers out there. This is a paper play presented for all of you all out there. So get your spectacles on.

Little Johnny, hmmm…. Being little makes him special among the students of class 12th B. He is smart, intelligent and all the more a slapstick. He is very fond of proverbs unlike any other 12th standard kid. So let’s check out his immense love for proverbs……

Scene- Classroom.

Bell strikes twice and the class starts. The teacher’s busy taking attendance but our little Johnny is still struggling to climb the stairs to reach the second floor. Finally he makes it to his dear classroom 1 minute late than the usual lateness. Then…..

Teacher           : Johnny, as usual late!! What’s the reason today?
Little Johnny    : Better late than never!!! (Looking into the eyes).
Teacher           : Fine, I got no time to waste arguing. Come over here and start the prayer.
Little Johnny    : Prayer needs no speech, I guess so ma’am.
Teacher           : Oh! That was a new school of learning for me, kid. Johnny, back answering is a bad habit. Now show me your English home work!
Little Johnny    : A book that is shut is a block.
Teacher           : As usual again without home work. What should i do with you? Are you a snail to do stuff very slowly?
Little Johnny    : Slow and steady wins the race.
Teacher           : I said enough! God, give me the strength to control this boy.
Little Johnny    : Don’t find fault, please do find a remedy!
Teacher           : (glaring at him) how much did u get for the weekly test?
Little Johnny    : A bird in hand is worth two in the bush!
Teacher           : Ow! So u got ½ / 15. Shame on you! How can you get marks? Most of the time you are out of the class!
Little Johnny    : A boaster and a liar are all one! 
Teacher           : You’re crossing the limits my boy! Let me use some of your medicine “a teacher who imparts wisdom to the ignorant is a father.”
Little Johnny    : Don’t bite more than you can chew!
Teacher           : You stupid! I said to keep your mouth shut. Enough is enough!
Little Johnny    : Beware of the anger of the tongue and control the tongue!
Teacher           : My tongue is boneless but it does not blabber like yours! You do   have a bad mind.
Little Johnny    : Better an ugly face than an ugly mind!
Teacher           : I see always in the gym playing Ping-Pong! Stop your play and start working hard. Your exams are at your doorsteps.
Little Johnny    : All work and no play makes Little Johnny a dull boy!
Teacher           : You will never succeed!
Little Johnny    : 2 in 1. He who intends to harm others harms himself first. Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached!
Teacher           : Johnny!!! You’re getting on my nerves. This is ridiculous. I can’t stand this. Controlling you is an impossible task!
Little Johnny    : (Little Johnny says his final proverb looking at his watch) Impossible is a word found in the dictionary of ‘FOOLS’!!!

Before the teacher could retaliate, the bell strikes, while Johnny’s friend, Stacy, comes in…..

Stacy                :           Thanks for skipping the English period!

X ~ X ~ X

 Jaseem & Ashwin)