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II nd Pre - Board Examination starts from 03rd February, 2019/ Final Examination for Grade VIII, IX, XI starts from 03rd February, 2019  

A windy town in the side skirts of Iceland had a bright morning with the sun beaming. The sunlight crept into the blue pupil lined eyes of Sid. In his small room, Sid was sleeping on his small bed which was very cozy. Sid is basically a very lazy kid. He’s got all what a lazy munchkin needs. His mother, Emily now entered the room to pull our little Sid out of the bed. The sun was trying all it could to wake the munchkin. Sid finally had to get up with cotton plugs in his ears, as he wanted to avoid his dear mother’s shouting. Dragging his feet he reached the toilet thinking of how to get some more sleep. His mother called out loud “Sid, what are you up to?” Poor Sid fell asleep in the toilet tub too. It was a part of his routine, in fact the devil of laziness always dominated his soul. On hearing his mother’s loud call, he lifted his body from the tub like a rock from the sea and went up to take the toothbrush. Suddenly the toothbrush stood up and yelled at him “You lazy idiot, It’s a miracle that you took me in your butter fingers today. I am happy about that but I m worried about the fate I am going to face in your stinky mouth. Even a hippo wont smell so bad” Little Sid was shocked for a moment. He was blinking his eyes constantly looking at the brush, trying to believe that he did not see what just happened. Moving onto his untidy room, he was ready to put on his uniform. When he took his shirt, the buttons started moving. The shirt frowned and said “You lazy brat, did you even think of taking a bath? Look at yourself for a moment, you sleep with all you sweat on your dirty body after play, lying to your mom that you took a bath. Look at us, we have a luxurious bath in soap water with cute bubbles. Next time please put us on a body. I wonder what the underpants have to say” Little Sid was now really irritated. He shouted “Shut up!” The school bus was waiting for him honking with no patience. Sid put on his shoes and spectacles, looked into the mirror and locked his hair proteins tight with the gel.

He then ran and entered the school bus. Without listening to the words of the bus driver, Little Sid went and took his place. When he was thinking of what lies to tell his English teacher about the homework, something from the lower stories of his body was disturbing. When he looked down, His eyes could not believe his shoes staring at him. It said with dread anger “Hmph! You little rascal, your sweet dad polished me so well yesterday night, and see now what you did to me. You splashed muddy water on me. I was looking so shiny but now I look so ugly. Little Sid ignored the shoes and walked towards his class. With no notice his spectacles began to talk, “Hey shorty, please use me to look into your books and let me tell you that I am tired of looking at all the girls around. Behave yourself.” Sid laughed. Suddenly Sid felt a sensation of water on his cheeks. When he came back to his conscious mind, he met his mother ready with a bucket full of chilled water to pour on to his face. Now he recognized that all saw was just a dream. Sid sprang up from his bed and said “ Ma, where is my toothbrush? Please iron my uniform before I return from the shower. Did dad polish my shoes, if he didn’t I will do it.” His mom was dumbstruck to hear positive words from her son’s mouth. Finally Sid looked into the mirror with his spectacles on his nose bridge and then said “ Don’t worry spectacles, I will look into where you want to and I will try not looking into where I used to… But I can’t give a promise ha…

                 Keep dreaming
                 Keep sleeping
                 Till your dreams come true
                 So tell your dreams to be late…

Muhammed Jaseem, XII-C