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This is to inform you that the classes for XI will start on 30th April 2017, Sunday and the book distribution will start on 25th April, 2017, Tuesday This is to inform you that 27th April, Thursday will be a holiday for school and office due to Isra and Mehraj Holiday.

ICS has been my home for the past fourteen years. As I walk down the memory lane, I am reminded of all the beautiful experiences that the school had to offer me. ICS has moulded and shaped me into an almost perfect individual today. An individual who can fearlessly face this world and conquer any task with sheer determination. I’ve had exceptional teachers and friends who have influenced me in a way I can’t express. Devoted teachers who have guided me all through the endeavours, always motivating me to march forward. For me, school l always possessed a warm home like feeling. It was my escape to a world filled with wonderful individuals through whom I’ve learnt so much. All the hard work and dedication from the part of my teachers and school has led me to become the Head Girl of the school. A more responsible person who could differentiate between wrong and right. I am privileged to be a part of this institution and hence pride myself being a student of ICS.