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II nd Pre - Board Examination starts from 03rd February, 2019/ Final Examination for Grade VIII, IX, XI starts from 03rd February, 2019  

Here is a poem to illustrate the variety one can find in our class

Crazy in variety is our class
Pondering over each as time pass

It is very funny
With a mixture of dummy

Ayesha is scared of dark,
OH! Ajay, he is a question mark

Chhaya is great in dance,
Nikhil lovespeople from France

Sonia has a sweet heart
But Jeba keeps teachers apart

Manoj is a dude so lazy
Nelson is really very crazy

Jumana is sincere and helpful
Maruf makes everyone cheerful

Nezlin is tall and strong
Prabhat is rarely wrong

Sharia is an artist by passion
Summaiya is lovely in her action

Maliha, western is she
Ahnaf, a crack pot is he

Minal is calm and quiet
Fahad never has a fight

Bhaja is innocent in her looks
Salauddin is never with books

Hiba is good with her friend
But Farhan wishes to mend

Sana is very stylish
But Anjali is too bookish

Prathima is away from greed
Sweet Nadia is forever freed

Aliya has a pretty gloss
Burhan acts as a boss

Ibrahim is fairly pinkish
But Rihab’s voice is childish

Sreya is sharing and caring
Faizan is always blankly staring

Despite silly commands that Rihad liberates
Hearing them Sadia never irritates

OH! Lijo, funny thought has he got.
Sanu is a bit short

Saranya speaks very few
Altaf, to school he is new.

Description of our class is here,
Teachers who come to our class have a fear

But don’t ever fear because we are never bad
Our class is a mixture of happy and sad