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II nd Pre - Board Examination starts from 03rd February, 2019/ Final Examination for Grade VIII, IX, XI starts from 03rd February, 2019  

Not everyone has the opportunity to walk on hall of fame, but Indian Central School begs to differ!! Just the other day, the school was buzzing with fans queuing up to have a glimpse of the new and upcoming star and singer of India, Mohd. Irfan Ali ( of the Amul  Voice of India fame )who is originally from Hyderabad. ICS has always been in the limelight and this show just added another feather to the cap so to speak. The children of ICS were overwhelmed to see their favourite artist perform live and interact with them on a very personal level. It was indeed an honour to have had Irfan sing and dance with the students and teachers of ICS! He was accompanied by the evergreen Samson Mukesh who is supposedly the new era Mukesh and sings only the legend’s popular melodies. Irfan and Samson who were here for a star nite program on 18th October 2008 organized by the effervescent and frolicsome Murali Manohar of Kalanjali Kuwait agreed to their performance at ICS the next day as a sweet gesture as per the principal of Indian Central School Mrs. Shanta Maria James’s request. Mr. Manohar who spoke on behalf of the artists said that he was pleased to have taken up the venture to bring them to Kuwait but was happier to have brought them to ICS for a show as there was abundant talent in the school itself and promoted the tabla whiz kid Sarita ( of Class IX ) who played along with the artists from India. He mentioned that he did not expect such an applaudable response from the students and staff of ICS and that if he had a choice, he would have postponed their trip and held another show just for the school! With the closing ceremony of the show, Mr. Manohar also organized a lucky draw for the students of ICS and gave away a Panasonic Stereo System to the winner and mementos to the principal and Sarita as a token of their appreciation. The principal Mrs. Shanta Maria James in return reciprocated the gesture with mementos to all artists in the group. She thanked everyone for their support and accommodating nature and wished all of them a very successful and enduring career in their lives. The students and teachers of ICS who were overjoyed with the opportunity thanked the principal for arranging such an event.