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Are we happier than out forefathers? - Asha Anna Thomas, XII-B
The aforementioned question is a puzzling one and so cannot b answered categorically. Opinion remains divided on this subject because the world today is quite different  from what it was a century ago.If our ancestors were to wake uo from their eternal sleep  they would be so wonderstruck to see the marvelous changes brought about by science and might even be really envious of our lives.

Its true,that our ancestors had to face a life full of inconveniences and troubles>there were absolutely no facilities.good houses,schools,hospitals and means of conveyance and communication. Our ancestors had to toil very hard to earn their daily bread and butter. These are only a few difficulties to name which they had to suffer.

But now,things have changes. Electricity ,a fantastic invention of science had done so much for the confort of modern man. Distance,no matter how long it be,seems so trivial ,History is just a click away.A conversation with a faraway friend is just a dial away.Are you feeling stressed?Just switch on your ipod and listen to music.Also ,there have been improvements in the field of health,communication etc.So, definitely.we are experiencing a lot more of luxury than out forefathers.

Happiness, joy ,peace,love,kindness some of the most important virtues to be found in a person unfortunately is not easily visible in this era.Even though our ancestors led very s8imple and pious lives they were undoubtedly much more happier and healthier than us.

So, at the end of the day it all depends on us.Let’s make the best out of our lives and strive to create a better and human world.
Therefore always be happy and keep smiling.

Written by
Asha Anna Thomas